Monday, April 7, 2014

Reflections on Project Four

Food for thought. Our assignment was to incorporate food into our performance in some manner. I honestly struggled for days after reading the assignment to figure out what I was going to do. After days of deliberation, I decided I wanted to try something in the style of John Cage. This is a new concept for me. I have tended to do more work that deals with social issues. In this piece, I wanted to try a style that is based on the deconstruction of high art. I picked foods that I figured would make some kind of interesting noise. I then found a randomizer online to pick an order for them. To finish my score, and figure out how long I would play each "instrument", I used a deck of playing cards, and played a second for each number that the card displayed. At class, I sat up all my "instruments", pulled out my score, and started playing my song Music of Meals

Looking back on it, I should have had some official way of keeping track of time. I just did it in my head, but John Cage used a watch, or a timer. A kitchen timer would have had an interesting effect on this piece. I also think it might work better with another person, so the food could be played simultaneously instead of one at a time. Another way to change this piece, is to give it more of my personality. One suggestion was that I try to do this in the style of the food network. I thought that would be interesting, and more in tune with my style of art.

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  1. I liked the sounds the foods made, but agree that there should have been more foods that made unusual sounds. Less jars full of rice (I'm remembering it being rice, but I also think it could have been something else) and more peanut butter jars (also might not be remembering that one right). This is a completely random thought, but maybe you could do a concert like this but replace the audience with vegetables.