Friday, April 11, 2014

Reflections on Performance 5

For my fifth and final performance in my intermedia class, I decided I wanted to stick with the theme of "breaking out" (like in my plastic and frame piece). I was inspired by Kate Gilmore's work. She has many different pieces of her breaking out of uncomfortable situations. She had a piece called "Every Girl Loves Pink", which was the main source of inspiration.

I wanted to place myself in a corner, surrounded by pink. I liked the sound of cardboard paper, so I put all of the pink and white cardboard paper in the corner with me. I wrapped my legs in pink lights, put on pink sparkle heels, and worked to get out of the lights, and out of the boxed up corner.

This did not go as smoothly as I intended. The lights kept coming unplugged, and the boxes fell over too early. It all ended very fast. I feel like this performance needs to be thought out and tweaked a little more.

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