Sunday, March 23, 2014


Music is art. Music is made up of different sounds. Sound is everywhere. Art is everywhere. Listen.

Song #1
The Morning After: A Song of my Suite in a Resting State

I live in a very active suite. Other than myself and my three (rather loud) suite mates, there is always at least one other person who occupies the suite. It is a strange morning when I wake up to an empty living room. For some reason, on Saturday morning, I woke up at 7 a.m,. So instead of falling back asleep, I took the time to just listen to my resting suite, while relaxing on my futon. 

A softly snoring friend, asleep on the couch.
The on again/ off again buzz of my fridge.
My own heavy breathing- steady and rhythmic, like a solid beat.
My friend flips over, making a soft rubbing on the couch.
She grunts, then goes quiet
Someone's awake at the end of the hall. 
Two voices, soft but disruptive to the quiet suite.
Mostly a high repetitive noise.
A phone buzzes on the couch - dulled, but still audible.
More silence.
Someone is awake above me. 
Feet walking across the floor,  unintentional stomping.
Quiet Quiet Quiet
The hallway door next to me opens, and closes quite loudly.

Song #2
Laundry Day

I hate Laundry day. While I don't mind the processes folding my clothes and putting them away, it is such a hassle to actually go through the long processes of waiting and cleaning clothes. But today, I listened.'

Synchronized wooshing.
Chaotically organized.
Machine one wooshes while machine two swooshes.
Dryers are aggressive.
Loud vibrations on the floor.
The same noise from each machine.
But all at different times.
A chorus of wooshing .
A buzzer goes 
The room is one machine quieter.
Woosh Swoosh Woosh Swoosh.
A door opens.
Footsteps of a shoeless girl.
Her plastic laundry bin hits the metal of a washer.
A forceful click and clank of the door opening
Soft clothes pushed intro the dryer.
The door is moving, creaking on a hinge.
A thud and a lock, the door is closed.
Cha ching, the quarter dispenser slides, clicks, and is released.
Water wooshes.
Barefoot footsteps out of the laundry room.

Song #3
Soft Serve and Basketball

Let's try a different situation. A busier place, with hustle and bustle. A crowded venue where I am serving ice cream. This is not how I want to spend my Sunday... No wonder I got such a head ache after this.

Loud Loud Loud
Rumbling and Buzzing ice cream machines
I turn it on, and it groans louder.
I stop pouring ice cream, and it becomes softer, eventually.
Two machines, surround sound buzzing.
Like a low pitched ambulance.
Customer complaints
Customer orders
Customer laughing
Fans cheering, roars, simultaneously chanting.
Chanting letters, words, phrases.
Claps Claps Claps
Register "cha chings" open.
Quarters jingle.
Dollars swish each other.
Register crashes close.
Overwhelming music.

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